The Bus Stop Mama Difference

We facilitate the re-entry process for parents who have left the workforce. The Bus Stop Mamas network is filled with impressive parents who have skillsets that will make an impact on your business. And we’ll work with you to reach them.

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Find Mamas, Hire Simply.

Step One: Choose a Plan that Fits Your Needs.

We offer different plans that can be tailored to meet any of your current hiring needs; Full-time, remote, temporary? We have you covered.

Step Two: Post a Job. Or as Many as You Need

Our Mamas will be notified of your opportunities each week, giving you a qualified pool of genuine candidates to find a fit.

Step Three: Report Your Hires to Bus Stop Mamas

After you hire a Mama, let us know. We want to congratulate on your find! And We’ll send you an invoice for our services.

Our Success Fee

Hourly or Salary
Our Fee
Salary ($150K - $200K)
Salary ($100K - $149K)
Salary ($75K - $99K)
Full-Time, Hourly
Part-Time, Hourly
Temp Position
One-time Gig

We'll work with you to craft something that meets your company's needs.