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The BSM model awakened me and shifted my thinking from “everything on our terms” to a collaborative schedule that met all of our needs. Partnering with BSM opened opportunities for introduction to an amazing network of talent and the successful pairing with the perfect candidate. 

Her background as a graduate level engineer and significant experience in related industries has proven to be a powerful attribute to our team and extreme value to our customers and our mutual success. Over the past two years she has expanded the scope of her position, driven change and become critical to operations.

I am grateful to BSM for empowering this great resource of talent and the connection they provide to employers.


Craig Lofstuen, Quartis

Bus Stop Mamas is my go to talent resource for my growing business. We learned about Bus Stop Mamas in 2019, and my business was one of Bus Stop Mamas earliest customers. We hired a mom in one hour after posting the job. We knew immediately that the candidate had the drive and background to join our clinical research team.  We also knew that she had 4 kids and was in need flexibility as her kids matured. She started in a part-time capacity and is now a full-time team member.  We were thrilled to have her in a part-time capacity and absolutely over the moon when she decided that her family life now permits her to work full-time.  The Bus Stop Mamas  platform is simple, quick, reliable and very affordable.  Equally important,  the fundamental concept of Bus Stop Mamas is one that I personally and professionally whole-heartedly embrace. ​

​Tracey B​aubie, CEO 

Comprehensive Research Group

The process was so efficient: complete the job specifics and then watch the introductions and resumes come in.  We were trying to reach the part time talent pool and Bus Stop Mamas has the direct connection to that group.  We will refer our clients to Bus Stop Mamas for their needs as well.

Molly Hiller, Partner, President

Growth Operators

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