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We have used many different methods to hire employees for our company over the last 37 years.  I must say, I have been most impressed with the caliber of applicants coming to us from Bus Stop Mamas.  They have an abundant pool of “gems” looking for positions with flexibility. We understand that need, and we honor it. We have always known they were out there, how to reach them, was beyond us, until we discovered Bus Stop Mamas. I only wish they would have been around earlier, as it would have made our job so much easier. Working with the staff at Bus Stop Mamas has also been equally gratifying, as they are all eager to help you meet your hiring goals.

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The team at Valley Companies has had a wonderful experience with Mary Kay and the network available to our team at Bus Stop Momma’s.  We have been able to find team members and these arrangements have been a win win for both by bringing flexibility to all parties.  Mary Kay’s vision is being executed and we are happy to be a part of making the match making experience more relaxed and enjoyable.

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The process was smooth and efficient.  We received multiple qualified candidates practicallydaily.  Almost every candidate responded to us within 24 hours of our initial email connectingwith the Mama.  Interviewing process went quickly and within 2 weeks we hired our first Mamawho has now been with Nexus for 3 month.